Different ways to use olive oil for earache

Earache is a very common problem among all but, it is more common in children. An ear infection is most often caused by a bacterial and viral infection that affects the middle ear. It can be worrying condition but, most of the time it will get better in a few days without any treatment. In this article you will read about the benefits and uses of olive oil for ear ache. Ear infection is a very painful condition because of the accumulation of the fluid in the middle ear. An earache may affect one or both ears but mostly it occurs in one ear. It may be consistent or come and go and the pain may be low, sharp and burning. In this condition you can also feel hearing loss and fever and this is quite irritating condition.

Causes of ear infection

One of the main causes of ear infection is bacterial and viral infection in the middle ear. This problem is a result of another illness like flu, cold and allergy that causes swelling and congestion of the nasal passage and throat. Some other causes of this condition areear infection

  • Ear infection
  • Earwax buildup
  • Strep throat
  • Sinus infection
  • Shampoo or water trapped in the ear

 Symptoms of ear infection in adult

  • Ear pain
  • Diminished hearing
  • Fluid drainage form ear

In childrenchild ear infection

  • Ear pain
  • Difficulty in hearing sounds
  • Fever
  • Sense of fullness in ear
  • Difficulty in sleeping
  • Crying or acting irritable most of the time.

Ear infection is such a painful and difficult condition and olive is one of the easiest ways to get relief from this condition. Olive oil contains anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties which fight against the bacteria which are known to cause ear infection. It helps to clear earwax and it acts as a protective layer to prevent bacteria and virus from causing infection. There are several ways by which you can use this oil to treat this infection.

Essential Oils For Ear Infection

Warm olive oil

olive oil for ear acheSimply pouring warm olive oil in the infected ear can provide you instant relief from its pain. Put a cotton ball in your ear after pouring oil so that the oil does not spill out. To pour oil in your infected ear use dropper.

Olive oil with garlic– 

Garlic is a very common ingredient which is used to enhance the taste of your food. Garlic has been used to treat various kinds of problems since thousands of years. If you use garlic with olive, it will give you instant relief and it kills the bacteria which causes ear infection. Add 2 teaspoons of olive oil and crush 2 cloves of garlic and mix them both well. Heat this mixture for about 20 minutes on low flame. After 20 minutes let the mixture cool down a little bit. Once mixture is warm pour few drops of this mixture in your ear and cover your ear with cotton ball.

Olive oil with tea tree oil

tea tree oilTea tree oil is also very effective remedy to cure any kind of problem. Tea tree oil also has anti-bacterial, ant-viral and anti-fungal properties which usually known to fight against bacterial and viral infections. It has anti-inflammatory properties which gives you relief from pain and swelling. To use this you have to mix two drops of tea tree and olive oil and mix them well. Put this oil in your ear and leave this for 10- 15 minutes then wipe the excessive oil from your ear.

Olive oil with cinnamon

Cinnamon oil can be used to treat ear infection because this oil has anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti- fungal properties. To use this take few drops of this oil in olive oil and heat it for few minutes. Keep aside this oil and put warm oil in your affected ear.

Olive oil with cloves-

clovesCloves has anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties and these properties can give your relief from pain and swelling. Take a clove powder or if you want you can make clove powder at home by grinding it. Mix clove powder in one tablespoon of olive oil, heat this mixture for few minutes. After cooling down, put this oil in your affected ear.


Olive oil is an excellent remedy that can cure any kind of ear infection. This oil is side effect free that means olive oil will not give any side effects even if you use this oil with any other oil or natural ingredient. Olive oil is a very common ingredient which is used in a food for taste and better health. Olive oil is not only helpful to cure this infection but it is also effective to cure other infections also.