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游艇会糖果派对app:学习强国:双语故事 |“锋”从磨砺出 “正”为人民来:从阳光少年到奋进青年

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Lei Feng, formerly named Lei Zhengxing, was born in 1940 in Wangcheng County, Changsha. The old China was confronting the invasion of Japanese fascists and oppression of three mountains (imperialism, feudalism, bureaucrat-capitalism), therefore, the toiling masses were living in dire straits, miserable and wretched.


Lei Feng's childhood suffered from poverty. What's even worse, from 1943 to 1947, his five family members passed away one after another, leaving Lei Feng an orphan under 7 years old. With the relief of neighbours and relatives, he survived the troubled times. Also, he joined the revolutionary ranks before Changsha's liberation under the leadership of Peng Demao-a member of the Communist Party of China. The hardships of the old society made Lei Feng full of expectations for the new China, and in the summer of 1949, he and Changsha people ushered in liberation.


When Lei Feng was in the fifth grade, he became an honourable Young Pioneer. He not only studied well with strong ability but also kept lively and cheerful, and kept respect and love to the seniors and juniors. Moreover, he actively joined in school activities in all-round way, and he was named as "Exemplary Student in Mao Zedong Era". At the graduation ceremony of primary school, Lei Feng took the initiative to address: "To respond to the party's call, to be a new era farmer cultivating native soil, to be a good worker building country, to be a good soldier to defend the motherland".


Lei Feng responded to the call of the Communist Party and chose to return to his hometown to work from the grassroots level, and served in several posts successively after graduating from primary school. He was so responsible and diligent in his work that he obtained many honors and titles. In the meantime, he learned while working, read red books. What was more significant was that he learned about Mao Zedong Thought which influenced his whole life.


In 1957, Lei Feng voluntarily participated in Wei River governance and brought tangible benefits to the people. Lei Feng not only performed well in his work, but also had a recreational life full of variety. He was keen on literary recording and creation. While working at the Tuanshan Lake farm, he also wrote: "Swallows coming from the South" in praise of the new China and the labouring people.



The great steel-making in 1958 in China made Lei Feng decide to work in the toughest place-Anshan Iron and Steel Corporation, opening a new chapter in his life.

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