Cause of Earache and When You Need To Worry About

Sometimes you might have felt burning sensation and a kind of sharp pain in your ear. This is called earache. Earache is a health problem related to ear and it is most common health condition throughout the world. An earache may affect both ears but usually either it will affect your right ear or the left one but it may not affect your both ear simultaneously. It generally affects children but it doesn’t mean it can’t affect older persons. The ear¬†infection is painful because you may find it very hard to open up your mouth. And even you will not be able to swallow basics foods and even water.

The ear infection is painful because you may find it very hard to open up your mouth and even you will not be able to swallow basics foods and even water. Symptoms of earache are pain in your ear, feeling of nausea, a feeling of fullness in the ear; it will be difficult to hear for you, you may not be able to take proper sleep etc. There are many factors that are responsible for earache.

Ear infection: causes of earache

It is one of the most common causes of earache. Ear infection is the most common cause of earache in children and even in older person as well. Sometimes your ear gets affected with virus or bacteria that cause infection in your ear.

A foreign object:

don't use foreign object into the ear for ear ache It is also one of the major causes of earache. Sometimes some little insects and any kind of flying object enter in your ear . These foreign objects causes damage in your ear. And this damage causes the pain in your ear.

Dental problems:

Dental problems for ear acheDental problems and toothache may radiate the pain to your ear and may cause pain in your ear.

Otitis media:

It is also called a middle ear infection. It is often because when a foreign object like virus and bacteria affects your eardrum and make it inflamed and this inflammation causes earache.

Apart of above causes there are many factors that cause earache such as sinus infection, sore throat, tonsillitis and many of these like factors that affects your ear and causes pain.

Above are some factors that stimulate earache in your ear. Referred pain is also a type of earache. It is a type of ache that radiates from somewhere else to your ear and causes pain. Generally ear ache is not considered life threatening and often goes off in a week or two. Though sometimes it can be very painful. Even fatal in some cases and this is the best time you should see a doctor. When you feel symptoms like fever, nausea, vomiting, stiff neck and dizziness then you should see your doctor immediately as it could be fatal for you if not treated effectively. Therefore whenever you see symptoms like these you should run for a doctor whether it is in children or an old man.